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Cages and automatic layers

Poultry breeding equipments

A selection of laying places for commercial layers or reproductive with manual or automatic eggs collect on a central or lateral band. Just ask us what you want, précising the model you want, the type of poultries (commercial layers, broilers reproductive, layers reproductive), the size of your livestock, the size of your building. So we will enjoy addressing you a complete estimate.

Automatic laying places
colony2 fon ejecteur mecanisme
Colony 2+, collective laying place with ejector back and central eggs band for a high quality of eggs. Ejection mecanism The ejector back closes completely the laying place.
shema colony2
Colony 2+, the collective laying place with a big depth for a bigger effective capacity
Réf. C3 01 1015
Manual collection laying places
pondoir 24 pondoir 27
Laying place 24 nests capacity
Réf. C3 01 1013
Laying place 27 nests capacity, semi-automatic
Réf. C3 01 1012


Nests for automatic & manual collection. In modern breeding, appropriate nest has an important place as well as an adequate feeding in water & food because it’s important to avoid laying in any places, dirt eggs and broken to have good results.

nid de ramassage Gather-All nest is perfect for broilers parents. The semi-automatic collection nest 2 floors H-12 can be disposed in different versions in the building.
Collection’s nest H-12  
Layer’s cages

Poultry breeding equipments

We can propose you a large choice of layer’s cages, from the basic “Californian” completely manual, able to be automating if the breeder wants, to the modern layer’s batteries up to standard according to the country of exploitation. Just ask us, précising the type you want, the size of your livestock, the size of your building, and we will enjoy addressing you a complete estimate.


etage poulette eurovent etage poussin eurovent
Pullets floor with Inox drip give drinkable & fresh water to the poultries View of a cage, in the chick’s floor
eurovent Eurovent starter, breeding battery with ventilation
Réf. C3 01 1016

batterie californienne batterie californienne
Californian battery, 80 layers (first)
Réf. C3 16 1009
80 layers (second)
Réf. C3 16 1010
feeding cart 2 floors
Réf. C3 16 1011
Californian battery,
120 layers (first)
Réf. C3 16 1012
120 layers (second)
Réf. C3 16 1013
feeding cart 3 floors
Réf. C3 16 1014

cage element
cage pondeuse Eurovent EU, layer’s battery with a dejections conveyor chain
Réf. C3 01 1017
univent systeme de ramassage
Univent, dejection’s conveyor chain battery for an eggs production sure & effective. Egg’s collecting system
Eurovent EU is corresponding completely to the European directive 1999/74, 19th of July of 1999. Since 2003, all of the new installations of cages have to satisfy these requirements.  

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