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Watering places and water treatment
Water treatment systems
deferrisation adoucisseur filtro chloration
Defferisation system Softener - denitrator Filtration FILTR’O Chloration equipment
bac nu flotteur bactericid filtre a liquide
Naked container 500L polyester
L 124 x l 86 x h 73 with cover
Réf. 25 500
Naked container 400L polyester, diameter 100 h 53 with cover
Réf. 25 508
8L capacity container with cover & ballcock
Réf. 25 450
Fluids bactericide treatment, UV technology Liquids filter with centrifugal pré-filtration
oxotop oxocid oxy oxobio
Réf. B2 1020 Réf. B2 1019 Réf. B2 1018 Réf. B2 1017
Hydrogen peroxide products
Disinfectors acidic of water
doseur desinfecteur      
Disinfection measure for installations (choose your own type / your installations)      
Breeding equipments
goute a goute goute a goute Drip system, Top orange & sanistar  

unité regulateur
Pressure regulator unit with water level indicator

treuil pignon treuil mur treuil plafond  
Winch for ceiling or pinion installation Wall installation winch Electric winch for ceiling installation