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Fogging cooler - the efficient system of spraying in high pressure
image brumisation Fogging cooler: the efficient system of spraying in high pressure
- Efficient cooling in buildings, homogeneous animal’s performances, even
during high temperatures in summer, animals are not exposed to stress generated by heat;
- constant humidity in the air (summer & winter), better life conditions for the animals (less mortality, better consumption index);
- it avoids dust formation, then less Respiratory diseases for animals
- distribution of nice-smelling and disinfecting products, better resistance against diseases
- weak consumption of water; The litter as well as the ground remain dry
- this system can be use for pré-steeping in anticipation of a good disinfection
- directed by an air conditioning computer MC 34H or MC 36A for observation of constant temperatures
brumisation mur Principal elements of this system
1) atomiser
This special atomiser water proof, made in steel stainless and in brass, is characterized by a very low debit and a very high speed of passage what produces a very fine and homogeneous distribution of the particles of water. The ring - O guaranteed an absolute hydraulic waterproofness against the leaks.
2) High pressure pump
High pressure pump is available with different debits. It guarantees enough pressure for the system (50-60bars) and activates atomisers by a controlled system.
3) filter unit
in order to avoid obstruction, every pump is equipped by a separate filter unit, positioned after the pump. According to the quality of water, you can use 1 filter with 2 or 4 degrees of filtering. Any impurity exceeding a size of a micron will be eliminated.
4) The command
The command of the system has to be done via an air conditioning computer (MC 34 H or MC 36 A). This one will activate the system thanks to temperature measures & air humidity.
Pad-cooling system
tableau padcooling système shema padcooling  
    Air cooling crossing through the building depends on exterior conditions: the cooling system MUNTERS presents following characteristics:
- installation easy & rapid
- uniform water supply
- resistance against high temperatures
- easy removal