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The weighing
The steelyards
peson dynamomètrique peson peson peson
Dynamometric tubular steelyard
5, 10, 20kg
5 Kg /20g 10 Kg/50g 100 Kg/500g
peson peson    
200 Kg/500g 250 Kg/1kg    
The seesaws
balance industriellebalance industrielle balance electronique universelle bascule romaine
Industrial weighing machines ES series, automatic extinction, automatic external grading, stability indicator, fixation system of the indicator 3-in-1: on the platform, under the platform or on the wall. Precision: from 2 to 100g. Universal electronic tray, can carry from 15 to 150 Kg, precision from 5 to 50g Roman double PM 15
seesaw, apron 800 x 800 - Réf. BR300 - 300kg per 200g,
Réf. BR500 - 500 kg per 500g
bascule pèse bétail bascule pèse bétail
Seesaw weighs cattle type PM150
Transportable model, 2 wheels diameter 300, consolidated construction (steel tube). Lowered apron in sheet metal recovered with a rubber chain.
2 retractable stretchers, revolving door (with articulation left & right)at any extremity, automatic carrying indicator (200 kg by 500g) with shock absorber brake.
Seesaw for cattle type PM200
Transportable model, 2 rubber wheels 400X100, lowered apron (steel metal) recovered with non-skid rubber chain, revolving door at any extremity with articulation left or right, 2 retractable stretchers, double Roman indicator, Slides stainless steel which can weight until 300Kg. Gross weight: 150kg
Beak cutting
super débecqueur contre lame lame lame
Super electric beak cutter Lyon, manual, blade temperature cab be regulated, livery with KH strip for chickens, exchangeable with all kind of blade. Livery without pedal.
Réf. C071300
Against blade BP, super beak cutter Lyon, this support allows beak grading
Réf. C071820
Spare blade BC for super beak cutter Lyon
Réf. C071810
Spare Blade HK for super beak cutter Lyon
Réf. C071800
cautère a main ciseaux à débecquer thermomètre électronique  
Manual cautery, cuts beaks & claws of poultries (small units). Electrodes are exchangeable. Livery with a large electrode.large. Réf. C070400 Scissors for beak cutting & claws cutting. Precision & efficiency, 2 stainless streaked blades.
inox. Réf. C071000
Electronic thermometer able to verify temperature of the beak cutter blade.
Réf. 778110
seringue 2ml socorex 1ml lunettes aiguilles
. Automatic syringe Socorex 2 ml with ring flask
Réf. D 07 103
Automatic syringe Socorex 1 ml with diver tube
Réf. D 07 104
Glasses for poultries, with pics
Réf. D 07 105
12 needles boxes LL - 15, 10, 10
12 needles boxes 30/15
thermomètre thermomètre    
Thermometers for henhouse
Height: 40cm (mini-maxi)
Réf. D 07 101
Réf. D 07 102    
Diverse equipments
fumoir poulet Smoking room Maxifum MO5AI, stainless body 18/10, 7 levels 600 x 800 (200mm distance), sawdust tank extractible, shutter of regulation which allows cold drying & smoking, evacuation fireplace for smokes. Livery with 8 hooker bars.
Réf. D 07 107

derouleur minipack
Manual holder type 1, stainless, heat plate and Teflon cutting bar. Sizes: 590 x 730 x 160
regulation by thermostat
Réf. D 07 106
The Minipacks for packaging under retractable film. Exists in automatic version.
FM76A, and larger size FM77 and FM90
films étirables Stretchable food films, range which can be use in all the food industry. These films are made according to European norms.
Réf. D 07 108